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Material Takeoff Software

Our Easy to Use Takeoff Software will Revolutionize the Way You Do Business.

Concerned about accuracy? Tired of wondering if you added everything to your estimate? Is your calculator, scale and highlighters getting worn out? If so, our Material Takteoff Software is here to help. You will be able to calculate the cost, waste and labor associated with all of the materials in your project, just point-and-click.

Our Material Takeoff Software can calculate everything you need to get practically any estimate together. Need to know exactly how much labor, drywall materials, trim, rebar, gallons of paint, concrete, insulation, gravel, length of copper wire, number of sinks (or anything in between) you will need? You'll be able to get this information in minutes instead of hours or days. Need exact square footages, perimeter distances, volumes of simple or complex areas or counts? No more guessing, we will give you an exact number.

Ever wished you could create assemblies or groups of items that you use all the time? Now you can. Simply group the items in whatever way makes sense to you and apply them to any part of the take off. In other words, click the perimeter of a building or the internal walls and drop the assembly on them that includes everything you need (studs, bottom plate, dbl top plate, OSB sheathing, insulation, labor, tile, paint, etc.). Now you’ll know the cost instantly for any space.

How does it Work? You begin by loading the electronic blueprints (the entire job if you wish) directly from the planroom, AutoCAD or practically any other digital plan right into our Takeoff Software. After that you begin your calculations simply by pointing and clicking! No digitizer or stack of plans needed (you can still use them with our software if you wish).

We also import files from almost any file type be it an, Excel, CAD file (DXF, DWF, DWG), a Plan file, a PDF, a TIF, a JPG, a scan, you name it we probably import it.


"We have been using this software now for the past 6 months, and the amount of time it has saved is staggering. The program is very intuitive, simple to use, powerful, and has dead on accuracy."
-Universal Forest Products / Bob C.

"PlanSwift is very easy to use. It is both versatile and accurate. During takeoffs, I am able to easily navigate through the system with little, if any difficulty. With the system updating almost every week, the product gets quicker and quicker to use. The old way of calculating and estimating is a nightmare in comparison to this. Also, I am able to put my templates on a zip drive and take them home with me. I love it. Awesome is the best way I can describe it. Thank you Planswift."
-Hayes Masonry Inc. / Troy Hutchins

"The program has paid for itself already"
-Southern Flooring / Reed

"You can't beat the price and customer service that comes with it"
-Advanced Drywall Inc. / Leo Marchesseault

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